Asterisk and today's marketplace

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Over the years I think a LOT of seasoned guys in Telecommunications ( Going back before VOIP etc . ) have worked with Asterisk etc. Finding it years ago a serious task to complete anything , although open source etc. was very attractive . Back when VOIP came out in the early 2000's , God I date myself , It was truly a mess and had some serious technical issues , the software was horrid , but was accepted by a small culture . Today I was amazed at how far it has come as the products on the market are really easy to install and truly a dream to set up !!! From Out of bos set up to assigning a Gateway to setting up sip phones , to setting up hosted or non hosted apps like a Call Center and some CRM applications too , The list goes on . I set up a couple of sample clients , and one in particular , is back in the stone age and the issues are more user than anything except for a few minor problems at Install . The feedback I am getting was incredible and it actually surprised me ! They like it ! One is a small 4 phone site for a service company and the other is a little larger company with 12 phones . One has a Vega 60 analog gateway and I was actually worried about it in a service site for reliability ! Numerous telco issues on 3 Analog lines , Mostly related to bad cable and they won't upgrade the area , too costly LOL , I'll leave that alone , in a terrible area in Somerville Ma . And I had thought , and blamed the Sangoma ( Apologies to Sangoma for that behind their back ! ) gateway a few times , They lost power about - I believe around 10 times that stormy day - and I thought it killed the Gateway and phone system , So the system went down and came back up with no issues AND the Line issues ended up being Verizon , There's a story in itself as 7 weeks to fix 3 Analog Lines !!! Restored faith ! 10 Times is incredible on an Asterisk / software based system ! The other had no issues at all as we prebuilt it in the office , working with the Customer's IT vendor , Who was deeply impressed as well , and shipped it out to New York . Plug and Play and it came right up ! Even the routing on the PRI !!! AND the physical PRI itself ( Kudos to me ) ! As for the telephones , We used Yealink T42S , as we powered up and preset with IP addresses extension numbers etc. , using DHCP onsite , and they went smooth as silk . Audio was astounding as well as ease of use which I was again VERY surprised as I expected tinny and lower grade volume and sound . A LOT oif choices in codecs ! So the system has been in One for about 6 months now and the other about 2 1/2 months too and NO service calls at all at the 12 Phone site and 3 at the smaller site And no Sangoma issues ! I called a couple of times to the 12 phone site and they said they were too busy to talk which got me worried ! I got a call from the owner around 7:30 PM about a week later and apologies for not getting back to me as they truly were very busy ! We had a great call and He stated it was a great investment and He was very happy with the product ! His IT guys gave him the thumbs up behind our backs !! We did not know this Customer except to get a referral and they were concerned about remote services and not being in the area etc. We have proved to them that we can do just about anything with the help of the Internet ! We have a great relationship with the IT vendor in the area as well but there are numerous people today in areas that are available to call for site work etc. We strive to make our Customers happy of course but mainly to install a reliable dependable product ! So I must say as an old school guy from the Digital world , I very much am sold on this product line ! We hope to install many more in the New England area and anywhere else we can ! Sangoma wants you to purchase a contract every year , part of their after the sale efforts etc. and will not allow upgrades to software unless you purchase a contract every year ! And they will go back a few years on you if you have not bough one ! So , You can buy a lesser contract , I believe its 75 dollars but have to check , and that will suffice each year ! So in closing , The market is not what it used to be and products are fast becoming reality or failures ! So for now its onward and upward in our little piece of the market ! I hope this helps anyone considering products to review them and see what others think ! If anyone has any comments or suggestions , Please feel free to do so !


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