VOIP today in the IP PBX Market !

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One thing for certain is there are a LOT of products out in the marketplace today for the VOIP market . Everywhere you turn there are new telephone manufacturers coming onboard with some really innovative inventive robust and outstanding products including audio quality and feature sets ! Back in the day (dating myself ) around 2000 , when I first got into networking and VOIP , the audio issues were terrible and we always had to fix routing protocols and readjust codecs in order to have a decent audio conversation ! Today we have the benefit of those years of growth !! VOIP is still growing and is in its infancy but as time roles on it will be taking over the entire marketplace of Telecommunications if not already ! I have found as a Reseller that in order to put the product in a win win situation it takes a lot to inform a Customer about choices but not to give too much info as well ! Some have done a great job in researching , some have overloaded themselves , and some just try to understand but cannot . So we attempt to work as efficiently as possible to make our Customers aware of the whole process ! We decided early on to choose products that would first be reliable and second the quality had to be in the 5 9's category of NO downtime of the PBX Gateways SBC's or Telephones ! Our store reflects a TON of market research , and a few products that we just plain like ! We try to be diversified in that we cover a lot of products that would easily be needed in a Company/ Business today ! So as a Customer , when choosing a product look for the product to be of a quality acceptable in terms of Network switch and router features - VOIP compatible products - audio quality and IP PBX and Telephone features as well as cost !! But cost is not everything as different models and functionality play a role as well ! We install a lot of different products and try to be experts at a lot of them but we love not having to get service calls ! In the future I will be posting more detailed info on our product line features and installation time and tips ! As for RPOCTelecom , We have decided on Sangoma and Grandstream as our product IP PBX of choice due to its originality dependability and its ease of install . Our physical Telephone choices are diverse as we tend to work with Our Customers in choosing the phones as they have their own ideas and favorites as well but if not we have a few we like to recommend ! We do review others during the year also ! So I hope this gives you an overview of some of the basics and a little bit of shop talk as well ! Look for the next article to be a little more technical in terms of products !!

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