ITS Telecom Metal Pantel IP Door Phone (Single Button)

SKU: 01-0180

ITS Telecom Metal Pantel IP Door Phone (Single Button)

The ITS Telecom Metal Pantel IP (Single Button) Outdoor IP Door Phone, with PoE and Extra Anti-Vandal is a smart access control door phone which maximizes the exceptional functionalities of the IP network

Connected to the IP PBX as a SIP extension, the units allow communication and controlling of one or more doors in multiple buildings operating on one converged IP network.

The Pantel Metal IP is a combination of stylish design, sought after by the most prestigious environments looking for a high-quality rugged steel housing that can withstand years of extensive usage.

7 color light schemes add to the innovation and style of the Metal IP. The ability to change lights when the door is opened will contribute to the disabled community.

An integrate IP video server inside the unit allows users to view high quality, real-time video streaming from any standard web browser, mobile or tablet.

IP Camera optional.