PBXAct Appliance 60

SKU: 02-122945

PBXAct appliances start out in many configurations from small to large .  Here is a desciption of the PBX 60 below . Full featured and more ! Installation is extra ! Look to purchase a contract for peace of mind as well ! Smaller or Larger versions are readily available in this product line !


Sangoma PBXact UC Appliance 60


The Sangoma PBXact UC Appliance 60 has the ability to support up to 60 users or endpoints and 30 simulaneous calls. The PBXact UC 60 is ideal for the mid-sized business and branch office locations.

Sangoma PBXact UC Appliance 60 Overview

The Sangoma PBXact UC Appliance 60 ships equipped with 14 fully licensed and powerful FreePBX application modules including Conference Pro, SysAdmin Pro, Fax Pro, EndPoint Manager and many more. The PBXact UC 60 is designed to be easy to deploy and configure offering a user friendly web-based interface.

The PBXeact software is a turnkey solution that was designed with business communications in mind. The unified communications (UC) platform is closely integrated with the most popular phones and endpoint offered in the VoIP market.

Sangoma PBXact UC Appliance 60 Features & Functions:


  • Pre-loaded with PBXact Software
  • Single 60GB SSD
  • 2GB RAM
  • 3 Gigabit Ethernet Port
  • 2 PCI Express slot (for Analog, BRI, PRI, E1, T1and J1 Interfaces)
  • 1U Form Factor Case (with brackets)


Basic Features Business Features:

 Flexible time-based call routing

 Built in conference bridge/service

 Fax to email

 Hunt / Ring groups

 Music on hold

 Voicemail blasting

 Follow me / Find me calling

 Personal IVRs 

 Three way calling


 Voicemail to email

 Caller ID

 Call transfer

 Call recording

 Do not disturb

 Call forwarding

 Call waiting

 Call history

 Call detail records and call event logging

 Speed dials  Caller blacklisting

 Paging / Intercom

 Call screening




  • Out of the box set for SIP traffic via SIP Station

    T1 / Analog Card(s) extra . Call for pricing !