Plantronics A10 Direct Connect Adapter Cable

Plantronics A10 Direct Connect Adapter Cable

SKU: 01-0160

Plantronics A10 Direct Connect Adapter Cable


Easily connect a Plantronics H-series headset to most headset-ready phones via the headset port with the A10 cable.

Polaris headsets are currently the recommended solution where the site’s corded compatibility is entirely Polaris direct connect.

However, we recommend the M22 amplifier in most cases instead of the Polaris or A10:

The main advantages of using a Plantronics Vista M22 amplifier are the audio enhancement algorithms embedded in its ClearlineTM audio technology, which reduce fatigue, increase productivity, and minimize data input errors as well as improve customer satisfaction. The Plantronics Vista M22 amplifier includes Clearline audio technology that provides numerous benefits, including:

  • Automatic volume control
  • Echo management
  • Incoming noise reduction
  • Outbound noise reduction
  • Protection against loud incoming sounds
  • Investment protection
  • Universal compatibility.

The M22 requires the 26716-01 QD coil cable to connect H-series headset to the M22.