Plantronics DA60 USB Audio Processor with PerSono Pro 2.0 Software

SKU: 01-0149

Plantronics DA60 USB Audio Processor with PerSono Pro 2.0 Software

Plantronics DA60 USB Audio Processor - Harness the Power of Unified Communications with a DA Series USB-to-Headset Adapter.
Cost savings, portability, a range of new providers and call features has made PC telephony the ideal tool for phone-intensive organizations. Plantronics delivers a four-model series of USB -to-headset adapters to help contact centers and other businesses derive maximum value from their VoIP investments. Paired with a Plantronics professional headset, our adapters infuse digital-signal clarity into every VoIP softphone communication. A variety of features and pricing options ensure the right fit for all professional environments.

  • Enhance customer interactions. High-quality audio translates to smoother, more concise customer communications and improved satisfaction.
  • Leverage existing investments. Migrating to a VoIP infrastructure? The DA series of adapters are compatible with your current Plantronics headsets.
  • Choose from a range of solutions. Entry-level, mid-range and premium solutions fit into contact centers and enterprises worldwide.

Plantronics DA60 USB Audio Processor - Clearline™ Audio for Superior Voice Communications
Ideal for VoIP-based contact centers and offices using softphones, the DA60 features robust digital technology and PerSono Pro™ 2.0 software for unparalleled command over voice and audio quality.

  • Clearline™ audio reduces the level of loud noise on incoming calls to a comfortable level.
  • Advanced echo cancellation ensures clear, natural conversations.
  • Inline volume and mute provide convenient access and control.
  • Quick Disconnect™ (QD) capability allows the headset to detach without losing the call

Plantronics DA60 USB Audio Processor - PerSono Pro™ Software (DA60 only.)

  • Equalizes headset settings for optimal audio performance.
  • Tracks agent noise exposure to ensure compliance with workplace safety standards.
  • Secures customer information when agents leave their workstation.
  • Displays transmit and receive volume to verify customer experience.

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