Small Business package

Small Business package

SKU: 10-00001

4 each Grandstream 2614 4 line telephones

3CX Small Business software

You supply a Personal Computer or a Windows server 20XX preferably 2016 

Windows 10 Pro will be acceptable also for small systems of less than 10 Telephones !

Note any extras like cables Patch Panels etc. are added cost  !

  • 3CX and Grandstream for a win !

    3CX software is a fantastic easy to use product full of fantastic features including call forwarding to your cell phone , run an app on your phone for calls anywhere , remote telephones from home or any other place with an internet connection if you choose , that can accomodate almost any situation today and can be up and running in no time at all ! So many features , even voicemail via email !

    Add in some internet sip trunks and this is a great bargain to save telco costs and low rates for calling too !