Valcom V9940 Paging adapter

SKU: 02-102557

Valcom V-9940 Page Adapter

The Valcom V-9940 has a built-in punch down block, a background-music input, call call circuitry, open loop disconnect option, audio sense and time out circuitry, power reversal LED, and an answer verification tone.

Valcom V-9940 Page Adapter Overview

The Valcom V-9940 allows telephone access of a paging system via an unused telephone line, Centrex line or PABX station port with a station level page control. When accessed the page control answers the line and supplies audio to an auxiliary input on the amplifier. The station level page control allows users to page remote buildings on or off site by picking up the telephone and dialing a telephone or analog extension number.

The V-9940 page adapter from Valcom control monitors the line for a signal provided by the telephone system and disconnects the paging system at the conclusion of the page. The V-9940 provides music mute, answer verification tone, a set of relay contact outputs, and disconnects by audio sense, timeout, manual reset or open loop disconnect signal. Multi-zone paging with all call can be accomplished by interconnecting additional units.

Valcom V-9940 Page Adapter

  • Each V-9940 will provide one (1) zone of paging ( Multi-zoning and all call require additional units)
  • INPUTS: 600 ohms
  • OUTPUTS: 600 ohm and 8 ohm
  • MOUNTING: Surface Mount to Wall With Supplied Hardware