Valcom VIP-428A Talkback white 8 inch Speaker - Paintable !

Valcom VIP-428A Talkback white 8 inch Speaker - Paintable !

SKU: 02-112197

Valcom VIP-428A TalkBack White 8in IP Speaker Wall Assembly

The Valcom VIP-428A is a flush mount white wall assembly with an 8in IP speaker. It features 2 way communication.


Valcom VIP-428A Product Overview

The VIP-428A Talkback IP Wall Speaker enables handsfree talkback access to a single location over an IP-based LAN/WAN. This allows a handsfree talkback extension anywhere on the network. The speaker levels are electrically adjusted during setup. The enclosure is made of steel with a durable white, paintable finish. The color of the enclosure can easily be changed to match any decor. A call switch input is provided for the remote speaker location signaling. The speaker requires an 802.3af PoE compliant network connection. Power is provided to the VIP-428A via a Power over an Ethernet switch meeting the 802.3af specification. The Valcom VIP-908 Ethernet switch is ideal for this purpose and will power up to 7 VIP- 800 series devices.


Valcom VIP-428A Features:

  • Two-Way Communication
  • PoE (802.3af) - No Local Power Required
  • High-Efficiency 8" (203mm) Speakers
  • Durable Electrostatic Powder Coat Finish on Metal Surfaces
  • Output Level 103 db/1Meter
  • Line Output Supports Valcom Amplified Speakers
  • Paintable
  • Mounting Backboxes Available





# of Ethernet Ports:


Ethernet Port Speeds:


Protocols Supported:


Provisioning Options:




Mounting Option:

Wallmount, In-Ceiling