Viking PA 15 Paging Amplifier

Viking PA 15 Paging Amplifier

SKU: 07-0001

15 Watt Paging Amplifier with background music and loud ringing.


Product Details

The PA-15 interfaces with virtually any telephone system to provide 15 Watts of paging power – enough to drive fifteen 8 Ohm paging horns or paging speakers. This small and light weight chassis design is possible by utilizing new amplifier technology that is 300% more inefficient than old designs competitors use. High efficiency means much less heat dissipation, smaller size, higher reliability, and lower cost.

The PA-15 provides a 36V talk battery for interfacing with an FXO or unused analog line input / trunk port. With the flip of a switch, the unit can connect to an FXS or PABX / Centrex station ring trip port, or a 600 Ohm paging port. When interfacing with paging systems that do not provide a paging contact closure, the built-in voice activation (VOX) is in control.

After paging, the PA-15 automatically disconnects on CPC, busy signal, silence, or default disconnect timer (helps prevent accidental paging system lock-up if phone is hung-up incorrectly). The paging unit will generate adjustable loud ringing from an independent ringing analog FXS / PABX / Centrex station or from a dry contact closure. The PA-15 can provide background music (muted during page) if connected to an external music source.

Replaces the CPA-7B, provides twice the power and many new features.


  • Page from virtually any POTS, Centrex, PABX, digital or IP phone system
  • Amplified loud paging
  • Loud ringing
  • Night bell
  • Background music in all paging modes
  • Loud ringing and door chime over paging